As the event industry emerges from the Covid-19 pandemic, Steelcase Event Experiences is refocusing our efforts, including reimagining how to better support you. We believe in the power of face-to-face events and recognize live events may look different in the future. We will use this time to research and reinvent and look forward to working with you in the future.


Research and Insights
that Drive Participant Engagement

Participant-Focused Research

5,000 People, 5,000 Personal Journeys

The Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) hosts event planners from across the globe at their premier Convening Leaders event each year. They are recognized for being on the leading edge of innovation in the event industry. For Convening Leaders 2019, Steelcase Event Experiences conducted a joint research project with PCMA.

The goal was to gain empathy and insight into the actual participant experience. Through this event research project, we identified insights and opportunities to better support attendee engagement, human connection, learning, and personal growth. We distilled research from this 5,000-person event into six key insights.

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Foundational Research

What Does the Post-COVID Event Look Like?

We know that participant and meeting planner needs are going to evolve as people return to in-person events. Research is at the core of our work at Steelcase Event Experiences, and it tells us that environments can shape the behaviors of people, reinforce culture, and advance business results.

Steelcase Event Experiences is committed to helping you navigate what’s next for your event environment and your participants.


Love How You Work

At Steelcase, we spend a lot of time learning about work, workers, and the workplace and thinking about the future. With a team of researchers, strategists, and design experts, we study how people behave in space and apply that knowledge to innovative products and designs. The first time we did this in the office was back in 1912, by replacing flammable wicker wastebaskets with metal trashcans. Ever since, Steelcase has been turning insights into innovations and pushing limits to transform and reimagine the workplace.

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