As the event industry emerges from the Covid-19 pandemic, Steelcase Event Experiences is refocusing our efforts, including reimagining how to better support you. We believe in the power of face-to-face events and recognize live events may look different in the future. We will use this time to research and reinvent and look forward to working with you in the future.


Designed to
Foster Behaviors

Planning Participant-Centered Events

At the center of our design process are the needs and behaviors of event participants. The Steelcase Event Experiences team collaborates with event leaders to design event solutions. Our functional, flexible, and desirable event environments support, engage, and inspire participants. All of this drives meaningful experiences and lasting impact.


Participant Behavior

The Steelcase Event Experiences team identified specific behaviors that are a part of an attendee’s experience over the course of a business event. These participant behaviors, combined with our team’s in-depth knowledge of event purposes, content, activities, and organizational strategies, form our core design approach.

We are experts in designing solutions that enable, support, and encourage positive participant behaviors to ensure participants are enjoying a meaningful, holistic event experience.


Participant Journey

Seamless and rewarding participant event journeys result from planning the holistic event experience for individuals as they navigate the venue and encounter program elements. As part of an overall master plan and strategy, empathy for the participant’s experience drives the focus on boundaries, paths, views, and adjacencies, layered against unique venue attributes, to craft the most effective and memorable event interaction for each participant.


Participant Wellbeing

Events can be stressful, overwhelming, and chaotic. Tailoring all aspects of the event ecosystem for personal wellbeing needs results in a positive vibe for participants. Wellbeing can mean many things to many people; needs might be practical, physical, emotional, or aesthetic. We design solutions to be inclusive and serve all personality types, generations, and demographics. Positive results occur when all individuals get a sense of flow and are able thrive as participants.


Who is Steelcase Event Experiences?

We create meaningful participant experiences by design. We believe space is a strategic tool you can leverage at business events to activate and unlock the potential of your people and your event.

We know that great experiences come by properly supporting your participants, so that they can have meaningful, lasting, authentic, and ultimately transformational experiences.

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